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Superpower horizontal sand mill SKWS-120

Category: Sand mill series

Name: Superpower horizontal sand mill

Model: SKWS-120

Brand: SOWER


  Suitable for the grinding for the industries of coatings, paints, inks , pesticides, etc., able to polymer the particle of the material, through the powerful grinding, can achieve the requested fineness degree in a short time. Simple operation, good reliability, high production efficiency.

 superpower horizontal sand mill SKWS-120  

Product attribute:

1) motor power: 90KW three-phase asynchronous motor

2) voltage: 380V, 3P, 50HZ

3) rotation speed: 0~1000rpm (frequency control)

4) mechanical seal: imported cartridge double mechanical seal

5) transfer pump: mating1.5"pneumatic diaphragm pump (Ingersoll Rand)

6) staving and rod pin: special high wear-resistant material, no loss, no rust, no pollution to the grinding material and grinding chamber volume is adjustable.

7) separating grid:adopted special high wear-resistant material, the space between the grids can be adjusted according to the sizes of the grinding beads, convenient operation and with a protect device to prevent the stucking of the bead.

8) cooling system:adopted unique three cooling devices. Main shaft, staving, end closure all with chilling water cooling,with good cooling performance, the material temperature can be hold in 45℃ (chilled water through 10℃).

9) consumption of cooling water:3-4m³/H

10) applicable viscosity:below 20000cps

11) work efficiency:fineness below 5um

12) processing capacity:1000-2500L/H

13) grinding medium:0.3-3mm,zirconia beads, good wear resistance

Major oversea market : Europe, Americans, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa, etc.

Package : Wooden packaging or according to customer requests

Minimum order : one set

Delivery : Within 2 months

Price terms:

Terms of payment:

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